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Lori Marlatt, HLPC, Roots Salon & Spa


Professional, Hair Loss Practitioner, Certified

As you may have read in the Peshtigo Times Printers & Publishers or heard the word around town, our very own Lori Marlatt was announced by the US Trichology Institute as one of their new Hair Loss Practitioners. We are so lucky to have her and so proud of her accomplishments. Congratulations to Lori! To read the article, click here.

What is a Hair Loss Practitioner?  It is a Certified Professional who understands the symptoms of hair thinning and scalp disorders physically,  psychologically and emotionally.  

With innovative techniques, services and products along with a program developed specifically to each client's direct needs, hair rejuvenation is a part of the near future here at Roots Salon, and it's all thanks to Lori Marlatt, HLPC.

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